Tips For Finding A Companion For Single Muslims

By John Collins

While marriage is such an important aspect of the Islamic faith, and all believers are expected to fulfill this act. Many single Muslims are struggling to find the right person to commit to marriage with. Causes of this might be due to few potential partners. And also considering marriage is not an easy thing, most people tend to take their time before indulging.

Be civilized. This means to be someone who respects others and their opinions. When in the presence of a potential partner let them know that you value their presence and would like to engage in a conversation with them. In as much as you are expected to be relaxed do not make any comments that could be offensive.

Join different groups in your community. Could be humanitarian aid societies, volunteer work or charities. These are good places to meet people your age whom you have something in common from the word go. Make an effort of getting into conversations and fun activities carried out in the group. Someone might like you in the process, no one knows.

Avoid being hasty. Take as much time as you can in examining a potential partner. Marriage is not something that you can get into with anyone. Careful consideration is to be done before committing to life in marriage, or things could go wrong for you. Repairing that damage can be almost impossible. So be patient and get the right person.

Involve your parents. Seek advice from your parents and let them guide you on what to do. They will help you avoid making bad decisions. Given their experience in life and marriage, they will have enough to offer. Furthermore, they know your character and might know and suggest someone to you that you can meet.

Online dating. There are so many sites to choose from online. This is a good platform since most of the people there are also seeking for partners. Find those supporting Muslim dating. Be active on the site and have a presentable profile. Remember this helps you get into contact with potential partners. Avoid committing before engaging in meeting with the person physically.

Chaperoned meetings. As a good Muslim, ensure you avoid meeting in secluded places alone. Find someone you trust to be your chaperone. Talk to the person you are meeting the person you prefer as a chaperone. This helps in ensuring that nothing goes wrong during the meeting and keeps you from engaging in sinful acts.

Prayer should not be ignored in the search for a partner. Even as you follow up on the things explained above, put your trust in Allah, and He will provide the right person for you. Furthermore, do not ignorantly get into marriage. Make sure you are well prepared to deal with all the challenges that come with it. Seek advice before and after marriage from Imams, your parents and other elders.

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