How To Know If A Muslim Matchmaking Site Is Genuine

By Larry Hayes

Traditionally, Muslims used to get their spouses through their parents. They would organize for the best and well behaved partner in the neighborhood or within their circles. There were no chances of illicit relationships. The environment has changed today with the advent of Muslim matchmaking sites that give Muslims a chance to choose their partners. Online dating is a huge challenge and requires a lot of caution. How can you avoid the pitfalls lurking on these sites?

The credibility of a site can indicate to you whether you will get a quality partner or not. To test the integrity of a site, try the free features provided. They will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of security and privacy. If the two are compromised during trial, do not proceed with the site. It will get worse once you subscribe to their services.

The profile of a matrimonial site and people who are already members will tell you whether it is reliable. There are profile that contain details or content that is inappropriate and does not align to Islamic requirements. Such sites should be abandoned instantly because they will compromise your character and Islamic belief.

The profile of individuals within the site can be counter-checked against other platforms like social media and any other available data. You will be aided by images and corresponding descriptions. In case there are discrepancies in the information unearthed, know that the site did not conduct due diligence and will thus expose you to disappointment and con men or women.

Personal details will also determine whether you are successful on such a site or not. For instance, interest in you will depend on details like picture on your profile. Your email also determines the kind of experience you will have. Work related emails may be accessed by third parties and even screened. Create a private mail for transactions on matchmaking sites.

Be cautious when revealing your identity and contact to strangers. Before you divulge this information, it is important to conduct a thorough background check. It is especially sensitive to reveal your location or address and financial details. There are people out to take advantage of such information for other reasons. Your details may be used to hack into your account or con relatives and friends. Confirm that the person is trustworthy before divulging any information.

The sites feature fake profiles that are used to siphon money and commit other social atrocities. Beware of their existence and take necessary precautions. It will be difficult to trace such a person in real life and especially if he commits a crime. Be inquisitive and counter-check any information provided to keep away fraudsters.

When it is time to meet your potential partner, play safe by involving friends and relatives. The meeting should be held at a public place where you are protected from harm. The idea is to forestall ulterior motives. Never send or chat inappropriately on videos or even share indecent photos that can be used to blackmail you.

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