Time For Jewish Chistian Interfaith Wedding

By Anna Morgan

It is commonplace today for couples to find they are in need of a mixed marriage in California. The modern world today has seen Jewish Chistian Interfaith Wedding to be commonplace especially when it is of the couple's own choosing. It is a celebration of mixed customs which some make it work whilst others find it a headache and chore to put together.

In Judaism the wedding ceremony comprises of many different facets and orders. Reading allowed the seven blessings is something that is done in a jewish marriage and has been done for centuries dating back to biblical times. Apart from this a glass is shattered by the groom who stands on it commemorating the destruction of both temples back in the early days of history.

Food can also present problems and may be a little tricky for the caterer to produce kosher foods and all of its requirements. Obviously it is the couple's choice in deciding what they want but then again some guests may only eat kosher food. This can be easily overcome by employing a kosher caterer and a non kosher one.

It is a problem easily solved as kosher food can be ordered in and it is not necessary to employ a kosher caterer. There are laws regarding kosher food such as not eating pork and not eating meat and milk together. Meat has to come from an animal that has been slaughtered the kosher way and must be supervised from start to finish. It must be done under the supervision of a certified rabbinical court.

With this in mind one should be aware that when serving kosher food that meat and milk products can not be mixed together. This is in accordance with the law as it reads that a calf cannot be cooked in its mother's milk. Guests who will be eating a kosher meal should preferably sit apart from those who are not eating kosher as this may offend either party.

Kosher can mean legitimate or genuine in an informal way and bearing this in mind it is important to use those authorities that can advise you on what should be included in the menu and what may not. It is best practice to use a kosher caterer that is registered with a noted rabbinical authority when in doubt.

Most couples will deliberate and talk about what it is they want on their special day. With this in mind it can be a strain on both partners as to what to include and what not to include. The first problem is where to have the wedding with regard to a venue and many opt to have it outside either the church or synagogue or temple.

However, it is not impractical to say vows as in most religions. Jews do not customarily do this on this day but it can be well worth the while and add meaning that some have not witnessed before. All in all it is a special day and with the correct preparation will always turn out to be a memorable one.

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