The Challenges Of Jewish Interfaith Marriage

By Jerry Baker

Nowadays there is rapid growth in the rate of intermarriages among the people belonging to a different religion. Many people fall in love with one another and fall for each other such that they do not consider some factors that may hinder them. However, marriage between different faiths is legal and it is practiced in California. Despite the fact that these occasions do happen, there are many challenges facing the Jewish interfaith marriage.

Many people will develop some feeling that they have let down their religion by marrying from another religion. This case becomes bitterer more so when the family members of the people involved in the marriage were all against the wedding. After a short time, there will arise an issue where the partners will misunderstand each other for an extended period.

One partner is usually treated unfairly since the marriage will involve one person leaving his faith and ends up joining another religion. There comes a time when reality strikes the members of his family that their child will no longer be worshiping from the same belief as he and here a problem arises. The partner will have many difficulties coping up with the other faith.

The state of a country depends on the upward mobility of its education level. This poses an immense challenge to the just married people when they will be settling down. The socio-economic position of the country they will be living in may differ from the one they are used to thus this will be a challenge to them copying up with that particular situation.

The partners may also lack support from their friends and families in the initial period of their friendship due to the fact that they are from different religion. These can bring a problem with trust issues among them later that will destroy the strength of their relationship. Therefore, it is good if they take time so that they can understand each other fully and have that confidence to introduce themselves to their families so as to avoid this type of problem.

Since the rules and life guidance changes from one faith to another, the couple will have a big time failing to understand each other. This is mostly because one is always used to follow certain rules in life hence adapting to the new ones will become a challenge to them. The marriage may end up coming to an end because of this minor problem among the duo.

There are some situations which are inevitable in the life of these partners. The problem of religious belief sometimes may become irresolvable, many people cannot think outside what they have been taught from the time they were born hence they cannot be patient waiting for what they are not used to in life. Some may also face a challenge in accepting the difference between them and hence they forget about the love they had for one another.

When the time comes when the two will have reached a time where they will raise children, a problem will erupt on deciding what guidelines and religion will the child follow. This always becomes a problem and may end up bringing separation.

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