About Jewish Interfaith Wedding LA

By Frank Price

Finding a soulmate in its own right is not easily done although at times this happens easier than realised in Los Angeles, California. With the advent of the Internet and with it the world becoming a little smaller, Jewish Interfaith Wedding LA happens more often than thought. A need has evolved in this modern era of computers and this need is more so the norm than it was decades ago.

Not all Rabbis will officiate and interfaith wedding but some will. A Rabbi is the spiritual leader of a community and it is the normal course of events, that he will officiate at Jewish weddings only which is permissible by the Torah or as it is commonly called, the Bible. In the Torah it is written by law that a man may only marry someone who is Jewish.

This creates a problem when two people have found each other but realise that they are not of common faith. There are ways around this though and planning for an event that will see them betrothed for the future, takes some preparations and insight. The easiest way to bypass have a traditional wedding with a Rabbi to officiate is to appoint a judge to do the deed in officiating.

It is understandable why some Rabbis or Teachers will not want to help out on the important day and bless both the bride and groom. From the Torah it is derived that when a groom addresses the bride he must say when producing the ring that she is consecrated to him according to the laws of Moses and of Israel. This is the traditional statement that all grooms say on their wedding day.

This is in accordance with Jewish Law and must be said by the groom. Research can be done if it is not known as to what the traditions are in accordance with the Law. Another custom is for the groom to stamp on and break a glass at which all the attendees shout Mazal Tov or good luck as it is translated from the Hebrew.

As said, some traditions can be left out or included as preferred. For instance, the Seven Benedictions or Sheva Brachot as they are called in Hebrew, are said at the service and have been said since Biblical times. Another tradition is breaking of the glass. This is stepped on by the groom in memory of the Temples that were destroyed through the history of the Jews.

One of the reasons that interfaith ceremonies are in need today is because of the Internet. There are many dating sites for any religious denomination to get involved in and this is the number one reason that couples find themselves stuck with the problem of interfaith marriages. Years ago, this would not have been a problem in communities that follow the Jewish Religion.

Whatever the situation is there are ways to solve problems incurred. There are sites on the Internet or World Wide Web that offer solutions to problems. An Interfaith union is not something new and has been occurring for some time and many people have gone this route. All is not lost and there is no reason why, this day turns out to be the special day that it is.

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