A Carved Bone Turtle Necklace And Earrings Can Accentuate Your Style

By Margaret Snyder

If you love to wear beach jewelry but are looking for something to wear that is a little more unique, you should consider purchasing a carved bone turtle necklace and earrings set. Pieces such as this will help you make a great fashion statement. Anyone can look stylish with these simple but beautiful adornments.

Something you will find amazing about bone jewelry is that it matches just about anything. These types of pieces are made up of colors that are neutral such as whites and creams, earth tones, or black, which compliment clothing of all colors. With turtle accents, it has never been easier to match any outfit you might want to wear.

Something else to consider when looking to purchase is that it can complement casual clothing or more formal clothing. These accents look great while you are at the beach, but look equally great during an evening on the town. Regardless of where you head to, the jewelry you are wearing will invoke lots of stares and conversation.

Another great perk is that these items can be worn by women as well as men, making the selection process that much easier. If you constantly fret about picking accents that either come off too masculine or feminine, turtles can be your answer. These fantastic pieces will not just compliment your unique tastes, but if you are male and could do without the earrings, you can give them to a special woman in your life and just wear the necklace, making you both match.

As these pieces are unisex, it goes without saying that they also make for some wonderful gifts. If you have toiled trying to find a gift for a certain loved one who is always hard to buy for year after year, now the solution is finally here. All kinds of people will cherish such a unique gift, so you will never have to second guess yourself when buying something like this.

Because these jewelry pieces are made of bones, they also have incredible durability. Too much jewelry today is made out of cheap metal or plastic, which causes bending, cracks, and breakage. Instead, animal bone pieces can withstand just about anything and will last almost forever.

Something else that makes each of these pieces special is the fact that they are handcrafted. Most accessories today are factory made and mass produced somewhere, making each piece identical with no real love or care put into them. On the other hand, carved jewelry made from real artisans is unique as no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

It does not matter whether you love being at the beach, are a marine biologist, have a turtle fascination, or just enjoy wearing things that are unique, because in every occasion, there is a turtle pendant and earring set just right for you. After purchasing one of these handcrafted keepsakes and wearing it a few times, it will become part of you. In time, you might just wind up starting a whole collection.

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