Guides In Looking For A Professional Voice Talent

By Shirley Green

Some people have great speaking voices and are capable of changing them to copy certain characters or make one of their own. This ability can be used in earning some extra money or make it as their main source of living. Doing some practice and undergoing some training are the things they can do in order to develop the quality and versatility of their voice fully.

Formal training is not required to be in this profession but having some lesson on voice acting would be to your advantage in having better control. It is important for professional voice talent to have this in order to put more life in animated characters of movie and television shows and to help sell the products. Undergoing training would give them the advantage by learning versatility and paying attention to details.

The following are some advices in searching for a voice talent in the project you have in the works currently. Start by searching online for those in your area who are offering their service and the usual results are websites from agencies or top artists. There is a list of talents you can select from depending on the requirements of your project.

Ask recommendations from your friends and relatives if they know someone who are offering this kind of service. The reasons for recommending them would be answered when you ask for it and where they know them. Search for their name in the internet to see if they are easily found which shows their confidence in marketing themselves.

These online sites have a lot of information they provide about them with everything necessary to have an idea of their talent even before meeting them. This includes a list of all companies and projects that they were able to work with and the background in training and education they have. There are also demos available which you can use to listen their voice.

Use all the things you found in narrowing down on who to hire depending on the kind you need for your project. Contact them and set a schedule for interview to ask further questions and have them do some sample reading. This is a way to check their professionalism by the way they answer your inquiries.

This is also a great time to try the vocal abilities they have during the interview as well as the variety of their voice they are capable of. You could also have some script reading sessions with them to know how they will deliver the lines and if it fits with your vision. It is also possible that they have some suggestions in delivering the script that are interesting.

Request some references and contact them to know what is the feeling of working with them from the employers they previously have. You would know their professionalism on the workplace. Review available demos and works to hear more of the work they did.

Inquire about their asking rate and if it is preferable for them to be paid per hour or per project. This depends usually on the kind of work they would be doing for you. Knowing these things would be a great help in searching for the talent you need.

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