A Guide On How To Look For Genuine Gemstone Beaded Jewelry

By Dennis Bennett

Gemstones are precious stones that have some uses. In most cases, they are employed in the beauty industry. You need to have some knowledge since they can be mistaken with others. The confusion will come with a cheap item that the seller may try to confuse you with the aim of making more money. Sometimes, it is wise to work with an expert to avoid misleading information or mistakes that will end up being costly. When you think of genuine gemstone beaded jewelry the tips below will help you select the right one.

The precious stones will always have some special characteristics. For you or the person, you select to differentiate this, employment of special skills has to be there. You, therefore, need to do some tests to confirm the qualifications of the expert. Failure to this, challenges may come in when doing the testing of the gemstone product or the stone itself.

In addition to the skills, it is wise to check on the experience of the expert. It is determined by how long one has been in the industry and their activeness. Compared to a new entrant, those with experience will rarely make mistakes. They will also know many tricks that the ruthless sellers will use thus putting them in a good position for the task.

Since there are different types, some are human-made, and others are available in their natural ways. A good specialist ought to know this as well as the different colors that exist. With this, they will tell the difference between a fake stone jewelry and an authentic one. Broad knowledge of different types of gemstones is therefore required.

Another important factor is the different ways of testing the stone. Knowledge of the straightforward and sophisticated techniques is necessary. The initial testing stages involve important observations. In this, you check on the transparency, appearance, color and some specific gravity. You need to know the combination that constitutes the color.

Subsequent stages will have some level of complexity. It will involve some testing on optical phenomena and luster and the determination of the refractive index and birefringence. In the second stage, checking on some particular characteristic on optical is importance. The test includes the color change when exposed to light, floating shimmer and sparkle among others. Checking of luster is also at this stage.

The third stage involves determining the refractive index of the material. It may involve some methods such as arithmetic, use of fluids or use of other things in determining the refractive index. Following the right procedure in the right way will lead to right results. Gemstones have a known refractive index although it may vary depending on the mine. Birefringence testing involves turning it to some degree for some turns.

Precious stones like gemstones are important and have diverse uses. It is for this reason that individuals will try to fake them to earn a living. To avoid being a victim, the information above is of great help. However, there is a lot that you need to know about gemstones.

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