The Thrifty Bride's Guide To Affordable Wedding Photography North Georgia

By Michael Nelson

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in any couple's life. It can be fun to plan a celebration that will allow your friends and family to watch you marry the love of your life. Weddings can be expensive, however. If you are looking for affordable wedding photography North Georgia, here are some tips that you can use to get the pictures you want without breaking the bank.

One thing that you may notice when you start looking is that some photo packages can be very expensive. Understanding why some packages are so expensive is helpful. Factors that affect cost can include how long they will be shooting, how much traveling they will need to do between locations and whether or not they will be bringing in extra people to help capture your ceremony and reception.

Starting your search for a photographer as early as possible can often help you save money. Service providers and professionals will often book up as much as a year in advance especially if you are getting married in the summer. This is generally the wedding "high season". You may be able to choose a photographer that fits your style and your budget more easily if you plan your event well in advance.

Speaking with a photographer about the different options and packages can help you get a feel for how to save money. For example, if you find out that the price increases depending on the number of locations where pictures will be taken, you can always arrange to have most of the images captured in the same spot. You may also want to determine how long picture sessions will last. Deciding what images are most important to you is a good idea. You may want to make sure that a professional captures the ceremony and gets some group shots but you may be able to forgo other shots such as the cake cutting.

You should find out if you will be presented with a printed album or if you will only be getting digital files. If you are only getting digital files, ask the person taking the pictures where they recommend you have them printed. Don't forget to factor in the price of printing them yourself when you consider what the overall cost for pictures will be.

Some brides are lucky enough to have friends or family members who are professional photographers. If you know someone like that you may want to find out if they are able to photograph your ceremony or reception. Keep in mind that they may not want to do so but it is always worth asking them.

In the past, cameras may not have been the best quality but this is changing. Candid photographs that have been taken by guests can also help fill in the gaps when it comes to memorializing your special day. You may want to use candid photographs to record events such as the cake cutting, first dances and any other events that take place at the reception.

Planning out your wedding pictures can be a fun way to spend time before the wedding. Making a list of the important must-have images is a good idea. You may want to make sure that you give it to the person who will be taking pictures on your wedding day so that there are no missed shots. That way you can look back on all of your good memories for years to come.

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