Why You Should Hire A Destination Wedding Coordinator

By Stephen Hall

Weddings appear simple and easy to plan because you have no idea what the couple went through for months. It is the most challenging event to plan considering that you have to do it on your own. You have no experience and only rely on your imagination. In fact, only a negligible number of people have a wedding of their dream. To have an unforgettable day, it is advisable to have a destination wedding coordinator. What will this coordinator do?

A realistic budget. Most couples will imagine the day without paying attention to the budget. Some end up compromising on quality while they could have gotten excellent value had they considered available alternatives. Others spend far more and thus do not enjoy value for money. Coordinators intervene to ensure that the budget gets you the day as you envisioned through excellent alternatives. Their experience and exposure guarantees value for money.

Handle the minor details on the day. These minor details like the song to play, the pink to decorate your venue, where your parents will sit, who shares a table with your boss, etc. When these minor details do not form part of your worries, you will enjoy. If ignored, everything ends up in disarray.

Give better, affordable and fantastic alternatives. Your plan is usually based on personal experience after a few weddings. A lot goes into planning that is unknown to bystanders. There are decorations, music systems, venue arrangements, etc that are better and more convenient than what you have in mind. Talk to coordinators to get the best deal without altering you original idea.

Cutting the deal with service providers. You probably think that a Roman Pillars are very expensive. Or certain designs on tents, etc. Coordinators on the other hand have been in the industry and know the actual prices or packages offered. Trust them to get you value for money. You do not need to splash cash on services only to realize later that you paid margins above what is available in the market.

Organizing service providers. There are multiple players organizing your wedding. Some deliver tents while others decorate. There is catering that requires tables and tents or space at the venue. It will be chaos and a lot of delays if these people are not coordinated. The person you hire gathers them for a meeting to agree on crucial schedules. This ensures that on the big day, everything runs smoothly.

Handling all invitations. Some couples receive calls from close friends and relatives furiously inquiring why they were never invited. Though you prepare a list, you are likely to miss some important people or lack the time to remind them. Coordinators ensure that everyone on your list is invited. They also organize their sitting arrangement, logistics of travel, etc. When you look at the pictures, everyone you wanted to grace your occasion will be there.

A relaxed couple enjoys their wedding and makes it more colorful. This is impossible if the burden of organizing is upon your shoulders. Allows a coordinator to take the burden away from you to allow you have a day of your dream. When reviewing the video after honeymoon, you will never regret spending the much you did on a planner.

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