What To Consider When Choosing Wedding Calligraphy For Your Special Day

By Larry Gibson

Once you start planning your wedding you may be a bit surprised at the number of decisions that will need to be made. Even the tiniest detail can help to convey a specific impression or give your special day the feel that you want it to have. One detail that many couples overlook is the kind of wedding calligraphy that will be used on their invitations and other pieces of wedding stationary. Here are some tips that you can use to choose your style of type.

You may be surprised to learn that even though some type styles are quite modern looking, the art of hand lettering actually has been practiced for thousands of years. A brush or a special pen can be used to make thick or thin ink strokes that form letters. You will need to decide if you like simpler looking letters or ones that are more ornate.

There are many different areas where a particular text style will be featured. For example: invitations, save the date cards, wedding programs and place cards all rely on writing to convey important information and your guests will rely on them to not only find out that information but also tell what the tone and theme of the celebration is as well. Deciding whether you want your celebration to have a classic feel or a more contemporary one is an important first step when choosing a specific style of calligraphy.

In the past, all calligraphy was done by hand. Now, computer programs can recreate many different lettering styles. Individuals who want a uniform look or who may not have a large amount of money to pay a professional may want to choose to have their stationary produced digitally. If you love a hand-made look and are willing to order your invitations and stationary farther in advance you may want to find someone who still practices this art form.

While you may love the look of very ornate letters they can be hard to read. If you want a very classic and timeless look to your stationary you can still achieve it even with a style of lettering that is plainer and less ornate. You may want to try and write out information in a few different type styles and sizes to make sure that you like the way it looks and that you are able to read it easily.

The color of the writing is also very important. While you may want a color of ink that will match your wedding color scheme it may not work well if you are using light, pastel colors. Just as with some type styles, some type colors may hard for your guests to read. You may want to order one of your invitations as a proof to see what the type color will look like before you commit to ordering a large number of invitations.

If you are not living in a large city it may be difficult to find an experienced calligrapher who lives in your area. You may need to look online in order to find an artist who specializes in hand lettering items and documents. You may want to speak with or meet with a calligrapher in person so that you can see samples of their work.

If you cannot find a person who is able to create your stationary by hand or you find that it exceeds your budget you may want to consider using a digital printing company or graphic designer. While there will still be a charge for designing and printing your stationary it will end up being cheaper and faster than they would if they were being done by hand.

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