Tips And Tricks For Horse Race Handicapping In A Paddock Room

By Paul Cox

Racing and gambling have been around for very long. All of those sporting events have always involved a horse, one way or another. Horse racing has its own economy and it is no wonder why. Keeping these animals in top shape is of highest priority for these owners considering how expensive a good horse can cost.

Horses are often kept in fences called paddocks. The paddock room may either be where they keep the horse or the name for a facility where players can discuss game technicalities before placing in their bets. Back in WW2, this was the codename for the place where Winston Churchill would very occasionally hold meetings with other war officials. Unrelated but still relevant.

The art of handicapping a race is not as simple as throwing darts on a picture of horses and numbers. Although, that is one way placing an unintelligent bet. The fun part of these races is how people look at the patterns and factors that can get an entry to win. To people who wager in these sporting events, they have studied it enough to develop their own way of analyzing a bet.

The Daily Racing Form, or DRF, is a printed document released day and night that show the statistics and results of a race. This is used by many horseplayers as important reference in analyzing their wagers. Many things come into play when deciding which entries to bet on.

This type of gambling, while it is legal there are still some types of bets that are not allowed in some states. Bet types range from the number of entries you bet on and the winnings depend if they place first, second or third. They can range from good bets to lottery like betting.

Handicapping is analyzing which entries are least likely to place and just crushing them out from the options. The lesser entries you have, with the best stats, the closer you are to winning. Many high stakes horseplayers know exactly which ones to immediately crush out and which ones to consider for their top three.

Having a winning horse is a matter of breeding and training. Many of the literature for this sport state that there are a set of factors to consider. There are the number of consecutive wins and placements of the entries. Even the surface of the platform is taken into account. These surfaces are either dirt, grass or synthetic.

The trainers and their wins are also taken into consideration largely. Player make a check list, mentally or physically of the things that their candidate needs to qualify for their current top three. The more check marks an entry has that qualifies according to the metrics that the horseplayer has set, the closer the horse is to be up on that list.

Gambling can be addictive. Strategy and playing with chance are more addicting than the actual winning. It is probably the allure in trying to control an uncontrollable predicament. This is all true to any type of betting.

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