How To Order The Best Custom Engagement Rings In NYC

By Amanda Bostic

When a couple decides they want to spend the rest of their days together, in most cases, that means that marriage is in the near future. Along with marriage comes the promise, which usually comes in the form of a ring. That said, below learn the considerations to be made when ordering custom wedding rings in NYC.

There are lots of options when it comes to this type of product, some in discount department stores and so on. These mass-produced rings are definitely not the solution for someone that means so much to another. On the other hand, a custom order will ensure total satisfaction.

First off, they may guide their customers along by showing them some samples of ready-made rings and how they can be changed to make them more personal. They'll discuss all sorts of details to ensure that the customer is going to be much more than just happy with their investment. For one thing, their reputation is on the line.

Their goal is to produce a custom ring that the couple will be proud to show off to friends and family. As such, they will have to discuss what makes a top-notch rain as opposed to a regular one. It all starts with the stones. People need to understand what goes into a good quality diamond, and that begins with knowing the all important four Cs.

The four Cs are the clarity, the cut, the color, and the carat or size of the stone. Jewelers take all four of these factors to determine the value of each stone. However, to the unskilled eye, other than the actual size of the stone, they will likely not see any of these characteristics, so they can easily be duped. As such, it's vital to work with only reputable jewelers in order to get one's money's worth.

Another very important element in choosing an engagement ring is to pick one that suits the woman's lifestyle. It should work with her style and personality so that it's perfect for her. Experienced jewelers can definitely help in this department as well as this is their field of expertise.

Aside from that, customers need to understand the fact that a good quality stone large will also be much more expensive. That sometimes leads people to choosing a better quality smaller stone. In order to enhance it so that it looks larger, jewelers find interesting solutions to ensure the bride will be thrilled to show off her ring.

For example, smaller stones surrounding the main stone can be added to add more sheen and sparkle, and make it look much larger than it actually is. This trick also helps when it comes to certain cuts that don't offer as much sparkle as that provided in the brilliant or round cuts. The solution in these cases is often to add baguette diamonds around the main stone. There are so many incredible options and solutions available when working alongside a reputable and knowledgeable jeweler in what may be the capital of engagement rings in the world, which is New York City. They'll properly guide customers to choose the ideal setting, gold or other materials and the design.

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