The Best Jewelry Storage Ideas For The Busy Person

By Scott Hill

Some people feel that no look is complete without an accessory or two. Often a person will have a collection of things like scarves and hats but smaller pieces can be harder to keep track of, especially when there is a set containing two or more items. Anyone with a large collection should consider jewelry storage ideas for easier organization.

Though people may scoff at first but getting organized will help in many areas. It helps to keep track of small parts. If a person cannot find something at a particular moment, they may go out to replace it. Over time, buying duplicates can be costly. By knowing where something is at all times, it will prevent someone from spending money.

Getting organized is different for many, as items, space used and their priority are key factors to keep in mind. One inexpensive method is unused shoe boxes that are labeled accordingly. Bracelets or necklaces may be in one box and earrings or neck wear in another. Pieces that are delicate or would benefit from extra cushioning should be kept in a clear jewelry bag. Sometimes a small sandwich bag with a zipper seal can do the same job.

Other ways to sort accessories are by the type of material used or type. For instance, fine metals or stones may be kept separate from those intended for casual wear. A better idea would be to keep broken pieces in separate bag until it can be repaired or replaced. This way there is no duplication or wasting money.

Bags can also be used to match jewelry sets with outfits. When some people are getting ready to start their day, it helps to know that everything they need is accessible as opposed to having to dig around for it in a rush. For people who like to try out different looks, this organizing method may not be as much fun.

For those with a small collection, or pieces that are not large, jewelry boxes may work for storage purposes. Many have compartments for pins and rings and can add a decorative touch to a bedroom. There are also versions that are ideal for traveling and come with a lock for security purposes.

Jewelry hangers are great for those with large pieces or lack the horizontal space. It can also work for the person who likes to see how thing will look next to their outfit for the day. These may hang on a closet rod, door or wall hook. They also cost less than a jewelry box.

This final organization solution may seem a little quirky but it is affordable for many, as well as effective. Wig heads made of plastic or Styrofoam can be bought at any wig or beauty supply retailer. By sticking pins to the top, as well as draping the neckline, these can hold many accessories. The head is portable and can also be used as a model to see how jewelry will look. If surface space is lacking, it may be mounted to a wall with Velcro or double sticking adhesive. Sometimes, investing in a mannequin is good for sorting and displaying accessories. This is just one of many ways to keep things organized at all times.

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