How To Use Retail Jewelry Displays And Packaging To Increase Sales

By Dorothy Campbell

If you are selling jewelry, how you display and package your products will make a huge difference as to whether you make a sale or not. That is why you should make an effort to ensure that you get this aspect of your business right. Here are some steps you can take to improve your retail jewelry displays and packaging.

Get the right sized display case to use. Too large and you will be wasting a lot of space, plus it may be hard for your clients to see your items, particularly if they are small. If the case is too small, it will be hard for you to fit in the items that you want. If you are displaying chunky pieces, a small case will make everything seem disproportional. This may work against you, as your clients will not be attracted to your display.

Balance out the colors in your display. This is to create high contrast and to make your products attractive. A colorful visual display of your products will work well to get the attention of customers. However, the color of the display case should not overpower the colors of your products otherwise, it will draw away the attention of customers from the accessories. Arrange your products in such a way that the colors blend well.

Use lighting to maximum effect. Make sure that there is enough lighting for your clients to see your products well. If natural light is not sufficient where you are, have light bulbs installed on the case. You can have a light placed on each shelf. You can use white lighting or colored lighting.

Incorporating mirrors in the design of your case is advisable. The shelves of your display can have mirrors or you can put mirrors on top of the display. The benefit of having mirrors is that it gives your clients an opportunity to try out various pieces of accessories and see if the items are suitable for them.

Put all the items on display in order. A disorderly display will make customers keep off since it will be hard for them to see anything. If you have a lot of stuff, do not put all of them on display, as it will be hard for you to organize them.

Remember to show the prices of items. Most clients want to know the prices of items right away, so that they can decide whether they will make a purchase or not. So displaying prices will spare you the hassle of customers constantly asking you how much each item is worth. This will increase your ability to serve your clients faster.

Use quality wrapping or boxes to package the items for your clients. Do not send them off with shoddily packaged items. High quality packages will make the customers feel good about the quality of care they got. It will make them glad that they bought from you.

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