A Professional Guide To Picking A Motivational Keynote Speaker

By Frances Smith

Participants to a conference are excited about very specific aspects when they receive the invitation. Some of them are social interactions, food, speakers and the venue or setting. It is easy to get the venue and food right. Social interactions are a bit personal. It is your choice of motivational keynote speaker that will make your event a hit or miss. How do you get it right?

A background check will give you an idea of the person you are about to engage for your meeting. There are amateurs and other guests who are hyped for marketing purposes. Attend an event where your target guest is speaking. Watch videos or podcasts to learn about his mastery of content, engagement with the audience, presentation skills and style. The decision you make will be based on first hand experience.

It is necessary for you to participate in preparation of his speech. This ensures that any speech delivered is aligned to the theme of your conference. This is the only way to keep participants looped to the presentation. Such a speaker must research on your current successes and challenges in an effort to be assimilated to the audience. The words used, examples given and engagement makes him part of the lives of your audience.

It helps to have a person who commits substantial time to your gathering. This means readiness to engage and interact with participants before and after his presentation. It shows disinterest and pure commercial interest to pop in a few minutes before you hit the podium and then out immediately you are done. It is necessary to build up to the presentation and later engage on one-on-one basis afterwards. These personal encounters leave an impression in the minds of participants.

A referral is considered the best approach to getting a perfect guest. This saves you time and resources used in vetting new speakers blindly. Talk to your peers to refer a guest who performed incredibly during their event. This is a way of getting a specialist in your industry. Such an individual is conversant with issues in your sector. Since his performance is already known, you will not be engaged in trial and error. You will escape the traps of media hype on speakers.

Speakers take personal initiative to promote events they are participating. This works perfectly for new events or where you have no track record to boost participation. In instances where you are sourcing for participants, this will boost your campaign. Co-promoting events also involves using own networks to gather momentum. It raises the profile of your gathering and creates greater impact. This can be negotiated when signing the contract or be part of his incentive for speaking at your event.

Some speakers carry wares to conferences for promotion purposes. Clarify such issues to ensure that your event or wares are not overshadowed. While it offers a memorable takeaway to participants, it risks altering your theme. You must own the event instead of the speaker.

Prominent speakers are risky because their style or message easily overshadows yours. Some people could have encountered them in other forums. The impact in such a scenario might not be as intended. Guest who are proactive to understand the audience, their journey, mission and vision will produce better results.

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