Crucial Points To Consider When Engaging A Celebrity Custom Jewelry Designer

By Sophia L. Vanderbilt

There is nothing that screams elegance and sophistication more than having it custom made for you. When you are a celebrity, you will find it very important to get personalized pieces because everyone will notice when you have regular pieces. If you have been looking for someone to make a few special pieces for you, think about getting a celebrity custom jewelry designer. Below are a few things you need to know about the process of making specialized pieces and the benefits.

The consultation is the first step in the process. You will visit the jeweler and explain to them the particular piece that you want. They will sit down with you and make a drawing design of the piece. They will ask you questions about the precious metal you want to be used in the process, the number of karats and related details. You will only give a go ahead to the design when you are satisfied that it fit the specifications you have in mind.

Carving the piece of metal using wax is the next step. To accomplish this, the jeweler takes a piece of the wax, normally bigger than the finished product, and carves out the design that they created on paper. This process is carried out using carving tools.

Wax is used because it is easy to mold and rectify if need be. The experts also prefer wax because once a certain piece is finished; they will just melt it and store it waiting for remodeling for the making of other pieces in future. Wax is the most low-cost and reusable jeweling option.

Adding spruce pieces of wax to the design that has been created with the wax is the other thing to do. These are simply rods and wedge shaped pieces that provide a path for the molten metal to get into the mold, and for air to escape. A torch or lighter softens the mod enough for the piece to attach itself.

The valuable molten metal is then poured into the design. That allows it to set perfectly. After that process has been completed, the jewelry is left having removed the wax. At this stage, you can also have your name engaged in the design.

There are many benefits that come from the process. First, it brings in the possibility of having precious metals designed according to the specifications of the consumer. This means that a person can have a design drawn, present it to the casting experts and have a piece custom made to suit their needs. The process is very accurate. The production of unique pieces at an agreed upon cost is the greatest of these benefits.

These are important things to understand about wax casting as a method of making custom jewelry. If you want excellent results, you have to take time in selecting the most qualified expert on the process. With the help of a competent craftsman, you will have the unique and enviable pieces.

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