Massachusetts Marriage Records Available Online

By Claire Dowell

Massachusetts marriage records are one of the documents that have been opened to the public. This means that the residents of the state can access the said document at any time. This was made possible after the Freedom of Information Act has been implemented by the state.

The marriage records of Massachusetts are used in a number of ways. The document is an important requirement when dealing with some government transactions. It is used as proof of one's identity and status which is very important in transactions such as insurance, beneficiaries and dependent as well as any other financial related matter. There are also individuals who look into the status of their partners to make sure that they are with an unmarried individual. Sadly when the marriage is no longer working and the couple decides to separate, this document is one of the needed documents that should be presented to process the divorce.

As the name suggest, the marriage record of Massachusetts would have details about the marriage of a couple. The complete names of the husband and the wife are indicated on the file together with the date and the place where the marriage took place. One would also know who the witnesses are as well as the names of the couple's parents.

Retrieval of a marriage certificate in Massachusetts would require a number of information. This includes the basic information about the marriage of a couple such as the names of the couple and the date and the place where the marriage took place. The requesting individuals also required indicating their contact details on the application form and the relationship to the name on the record has to be known as well as the reason for requesting the document. The state allows only the bride or the groom as well as their immediate families are the only ones allowed to obtain a copy of the marriage license.

The Department of Health under the vital Records Section is responsible for managing the public records of Massachusetts. Requests can be done in the said office and it would cost $18 to do so. If going to the office is not possible, a mail order can be send but it would cost $28 per request. When choosing to send it via mail, all of the required documents and information ahs to be enclosed on the request. The document can then be delivered back after a few days but it can take longer if problems are encountered during the search process.

Waiting is no longer necessary if the search is done online. The Internet has helped speed up the process and doing it is really easy since the request can be done even at the comforts of one's home. One can even search for the document in the wee hours of the night. There are even free public marriage records search which is offered by some websites to entice their customers and let them experience their system on tier own and letting them decide whether they wish to pay for it next time or not.

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