Getting Ready To Choose Custom Anniversary Invitations

By Lessie Kaufman

Having a one on one conversation with your partner before you start shopping can make your purchasing decision a breeze. Before you step into the stationary shop to choose your custom anniversary invitations, talk over key decision points with your spouse. With the right preparation, you can design beautiful invitations for your special day with less expense, stress, and time than if you started shopping before you talked.

The expert designer who will help you craft your invitations isn't just an artist, they are a salesperson. They work on commission, and will want to make your decision process as efficient as possible, so that they can see other customers in a timely manner. They'll also probably show you their top of the line offerings, encouraging you to spend more for quality and style. That pressure can make your decision feel stressful, so be prepared.

Before you start shopping, think about the cues your invitation will give to your guests about the kind of party you are throwing. Form a picture in your imagination of how your event will feel, and what it will be like. Whether you choose a fancy catered gala or a relaxed friendly potluck is up to you, but no matter your choice, think about the right invitation to match that vibe.

Find photos online or in magazines that reflect the vibe you are trying to create at your party. Share these pictures with the salesperson, so he or she can suggest the right elements for your invitation. From paper stock to design details, leverage the designer's expertise by clearly communicating the feeling you are trying to achieve.

You and your spouse can also work together to write a short list of words that describe the anniversary party you will have. Words like fancy, formal, relaxed, warm, elegant, lively, and other such adjectives will help you and your salesperson agree on a great stationary design. Try to come up with a list of five to ten guiding words.

Have a conversation about your budget before you meet with a salesperson. If you and your spouse agree that you are willing to spend a specific maximum amount per invitation, you will be able to work with the stationary expert to meet your goals. If you're not sure what you are allowing yourselves to spend, it can be confusing and frustrating for everyone involved.

You and your spouse should decide on a code phrase to discretely let each other know if you need to discuss something in private, away from the salesperson. It might turn out that this isn't the right vendor for you, or that you need to have a one-on-one conversation away from the store environment. Something along the lines of "I need to go check the parking meter" will give you a quick exit, without creating an embarrassing moment.

It can be a celebration of your bond to design unique custom invitations with your partner. Combining your tastes and styles to create an invite will help you celebrate what you love about each others' personalities, and it's fun to collaborate. Enjoy making something together that you're both proud of, and let your stationary choices show all your party guests a little something about why the two of you make a wonderful couple together.

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