Public Divorce Records Online Access

By Claire Dowell

Accessing vital information such as Louisiana marriage records presents several challenges for some people as their reasons for wanting to obtain such information do vary significantly. Some may want copies of their own marriage record to adhere to the requirements in an ongoing divorce proceeding, while there are those who just want to conduct background checks or do a genealogy research. But whatever the reason is, getting access to such information is fairly easy nowadays, especially with the appropriate sources and methods used.

Before people had the capability to go online, doing background checks and marital research usually meant visiting government offices and agencies responsible for issuing public documents and other vital information. One has to file a request to the appropriate agency in order to be granted access to such records. But processing such requests can take time, and there are administrative fees involved as well. In terms of proper procedures, each state has their own policies, which make things a bit more difficult and tedious.

For states that do not have a more centralized form of vital records keeping, getting public marriage records can be more laborious, since you will have to visit the county clerk's office where the couple was married. This can be a huge problem if you have no idea which county it is. Moreover, Louisiana State consists of about 64 counties, so obviously you will have a difficult task ahead of you, unless you can somehow figure out the name of the county where the marriage took place.

Looking at the old methods in getting Louisiana marriage records, it's clear that even though it's effective, to some people convenience and practicality is still not at the forefront. Thankfully though, with the emergence of online information services, things have essentially changed for the better. Most of us can now easily conduct background checks without the hassle of constantly driving across state or county lines just to gather information.

When government agencies and several of its offices started providing online services to civilians, acquiring marriage records as well as other forms of public documents is no longer a huge pain in the neck. With the availability of the Internet reaching almost every home and establishment, online access has become a reality that many of us can certainly appreciate.

When it comes to research and information gathering, finding a dependable source is essential. And government online services are certainly competent enough to provide us with accurate information. But if you are looking for something more efficient, commercial record providers are just as capable. With a one-time fee, you can get unrestricted access to public marriage records without having to go through boring procedures and costly processing fees. And aside from marriage records, most of these providers' database also houses a variety of vital information including births, deaths and divorce records. All the information you need in one place. That, my friends, is practicality and convenience.

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