Online Free Divorce Records Search Tips

By Claire Dowell

The validity of a particular marriage comes to a close upon the issuance of a divorce record by the proper government agency. Despite the fact that the said report is deemed available to the entire community, several couples opt to uphold the confidentiality of their divorce procedures to cover conflicts regarding custodies and withhold from the public any details concerning their possessions at the onset of the divorce. If you need to locate a certain divorce event in the state of Arizona, you can delve into AZ divorce records.

One must take into account that a chief storehouse of all divorce files does not exist in Arizona. If you want to gather data about a certain marriage split-up in the region, you can get in touch with the proper county where the divorce was approved. You must remember that each county has clear-cut rules in the recovery of such report. To obtain a duplicate of a divorce record, the best place to visit is the office of the Superior Court. Such agency will process your petition in 2 hours. The said bureau also accepts requests made via phone but you must take note that you will receive the file you desire after 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, the relevant fees involved for this facility differs from county to county. A higher fee will be imposed for those applications with incomplete information.

In your pursuit of a particular divorce record, the first information you must make available is the full name of the person. Your demand will be processed immediately if you can give the specific place where the divorce event transpired. But, if you are incapable of identifying the said venue, you can get in touch with the state office so your request will be endorsed to the proper county where the marriage split-up was approved.

To get a duplicate of a certain divorce paper issued in Arizona State, accurate information about the dissolution of marriage must be provided. One must indicate important details such as the case number, the full names of the parties listed in the divorce report, the filing date and the estimated number of pages. You must create a written application and submit the same to the Clerk of the Superior Court together with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Or a check must be included amounting to $7.00 to cover shipping and handling expenses. A certified duplicate costs $26.00 while plain copies are at $0.50 each.

You can also choose to submit your demand to the correspondence division. However, you will be required to disburse the amount of $26.00 to cover the research expenses in case you cannot provide satisfactory information regarding the file you seek. Only check payments are acknowledged for those applications made via phone.

Humanity is fortunate nowadays as anyone can be able to discover a wide array of information through the worldwide web. One can be able to access important data such as marriage and divorce records without paying anything. Or if one chooses to get hold of a more accurate record, one can opt to utilize the paid services for a minimal amount.

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