Marriage Counseling Cleveland And Other Locations

By Deanne Shepard

Each individual in a relationship has their own unique set of experiences that dictate what they bring to the union. When communication styles and lifestyle choices are so different that they effect happiness than the couple may seek marriage counseling Cleveland. Enlisting the help of a professional therapist trained in this field can be beneficial to the health of the relationship.

The reasons for seeking the help of a therapist are vast and can be as a result of a minor issue or a more damaging situation. Sometimes the couple needs help learning how to understand the viewpoint of their partner, and how their actions might contribute to any dysfunction. However, sometimes couples seek help because of more severe issues such as adultery, alcoholism or drug addiction, or infertility. Lack of sexual intimacy also acts as a contributor to marital discord.

No matter what the presenting issue is, lack of healthy communication is usually at the root of dysfunction. If one partner has done something so damaging that the other has completely shut down emotionally than it can lead to an unhappy situation, and in some cases even divorce.

Childhood often plays an important part in teaching an individual how to communicate and behave in various situations. The experience that we bring with us into a relationship can be damaging if they do not match the communication of ones partner. A person who grew up in an unhealthy environment might learn that fighting is the only method of communication, whereas a person who was taught to talk out problems brings a healthier approach.

Without knowing oneself it can be difficult to effectively communicate with someone else. This is where a trained therapist can be useful. This professional will act as an impartial mediator. He or she will not offer opinion, but instead will listen and help guide the couple to a place of mutual contentment. Each participant must be open to understanding themselves as well as understanding their spouse.

Because the therapist's role is to guide the couple to happiness, this professional will sometimes challenge the couple to open their eyes to their own behaviors that might have lead to conflict within the relationship. Although in some cases one spouse will take on the majority of the responsibility, it is also important to understand that the other partner might have played a contributing role in the behavior.

A therapist will usually hold a masters degree or higher from an accredited institution. Trained in human behavior, this professional will help their clients understand how their thoughts might lead to their behavior choices. In many cases, the therapist has a specialist in the field of couples therapy.

For therapy to be effective, each partner must be willing to open up about their fears, their past, and be open to the idea that their behavior might have played a role in the marital discord. If the couple is open to the process than therapy can be a great way to get a marriage back on track.

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