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By Claire Dowell

The Department of Community Health, Vital Records Unit preserves all divorce files in Michigan State beginning 1897. Records of divorce that occurred prior to 1925 are kept on file and may need more time to manage requests. One must keep in mind that marriage split-ups in Detroit during the years 1973 and 1974 are not obtainable from the afore-mentioned bureau. For a speedier outcome in your investigations, you can delve into divorce records Michigan.

Accounts of divorce are primarily preserved in the county level. But all county offices are linked to the main office so the reports can be obtained either through the worldwide web or at the public counters. In the event that you are unaware of the specific location where the divorce was granted, you can get in touch with the state office and the said agency will direct your request to the appropriate county. Divorce files in Michigan can be retrieved by any individual as long as one can state his or her reason for wanting a certified divorce decree. The first thing you must do is to write an application and forward the same to the Vital Records Unit of the state. You can visit the said bureau from Monday to Friday during working hours. Fortunately, you can still receive the document you want on the same day as long that you have submitted your petition before 3:00pm.

If you want to request for a divorce data that is dated from 1925 to present, the processing time will take about 4 weeks if your application is made via regular mail. If the marriage split-up occurred before 1925, you can expect to have the information you want after 1 to 3 months. Each copy of the legal report will cost you $15.00. This amount is payable by check or money order. However, the fee differs from one occasion to another. You will be charged a higher amount if you can only supply a little information about the individual you are inquiring about. That is why it is vital that you have enough accurate details so you can shell-out a minimal fee. You can also avail of the expedited service for an additional cost of $10.00.

You can also apply for a certified duplicate of a divorce certificate through the Michigan Department of Community Health webpage. You must download and fill-out the request form with the necessary data such as the names of the couple and the date and place of the divorce. You must ascertain that when you send your demand to the said agency, you have included a certified check or money order amounting to $26.00 to cover processing expenses.

Divorce files are free for the entire community to view but the state sets out certain limitations to uphold the privacy of every resident. That is why certain specifics such as property arrangement, child guardianship and support and several relevant matters are not open to the general public. A divorce record reveals the names of the couple, and the date and place where the divorce occurred.

You can use the divorce records search in the Internet to guarantee a faster mode of recovering vital papers such as divorce files. The presence of the paid online records provider and the free online communities are the best alternatives you can have to get the records you aspire in an instant.

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