Cuff Bracelet Collectibles To Suit Every Taste

By Mattie MacDonald

Cuffs are accessories that have been around since ancient times. They have never lost their appeal and in recent years many celebrities have been seen sporting these accessories. However, today they are not just worn by celebrities. Most women want to own such items as they make a bold statement and can transform an outfit. Fortunately, it is possible to search for cuff bracelet collectibles online, offering the opportunity to compare many different designs and prices.

Cuffs were worn by many ancient cultures for different purposes. The Mayan kings would wear them with their royal robes as a sign of their status. Egyptian Pharaohs are often seen in pictures adorned with these accessories on their wrists. Cuffs also had practical purposes and were worn as part of their armor by Greek and Roman soldiers. It was only really in the 17th century when cuffs started being worn purely as fashionable accessories.

Coco Chanel created an iconic pair of Maltese Cross cuffs and she was rarely photographed without these. Many other celebrities too, such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, were known for wearing these striking accessories and making them part of their signature styles. Today, women all round the world are rocking these accessories.

Gold and silver have always been popular metals used to make cuffs. The metal is hammered into a thin sheet and then curved to fit around the wrist. Bakelite was another material that was popular in the 1940s and cuffs made of this dense synthetic resin are still available today, offering vintage appeal. Many different materials are used today, with natural materials like leather and wood gaining popularity and even plastic is used.

The designs being produced today are extremely innovative. One can find something to suit every type of outfit and any style. Those who enjoy a more edgy look will love the leather look with studs. For someone who prefers the ethnic look, the leather may feature accents with beads and detailed copper pieces. One with delicate strands of silver forming lacy petals is perfect for the romantic at heart.

What makes these accessories so worthwhile is their versatility. Wide or slim, simple or ornate, they slip on easily and transform any outfit. A classic gold band can dress up a pair of jeans and a shirt in an instant. A delicate lacy, openwork bracelet can add elegance to a simple evening dress.

When buying cuffs, choosing the right size and width is essential. Cuffs are worn at the wrist and need to rest there firmly without being too tight or too loose. Most sites selling these items have instructions on how to select the correct size. Once one has purchased one item that fits well, it is a simple matter of selecting all future items with the same dimensions. Cuffs can be bold and wide, or delicate and slim. They can be worn alone, doubled up or stacked for extra impact.

An accessory like this is a worthwhile investment. It is versatile, makes a bold statement and can be worn for many years. Cuffs have been around for thousands of years and they are likely to be around for many years to come. Every woman should have at least one if not a whole collection.

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